We brew a constantly rotating set of recipes — a new one almost every week — all centered around the growing season and our on-farm ingredients including hops, herbs, fruits & (yes, even) vegetables.  This is a log of all of our different offerings, many of which have rotated off with the end of a harvest, are are likely to return in some form when the season comes back around.

So while the odds are the beers listed here are not on tap, currently, please feel free to check out what currently is by getting in touch or checking our social pages.

Lemongrass PilsA soft malt bill steeped with farm-grown lemongrass during the boil, bringing out a nice lemony aroma and strong floral taste that works well with that typical, faint sulfur yeast character present in pilsners.  Refreshing.  5.2% ABV

Elderflower Kolsch — An ale fermented cold, for a clean backbone, with farm-grown fresh elderflower added to the boil to give the beer a crisp, grapefruit character. 5.5% ABV

Bramble Blackberry Saison – We fermented this one dry using our French saison yeast – all the way down to an FG of 1.001 – and added 125 lbs of our neighbor’s organically grown, freshly harvested Virginia berries post fermentation.  Crisp with a clean saison flavor, and a great blackberry accent without being sweet. 5.9% ABV

Broadfork Hopped Field Beer — A crisp malt bill and bright yellow hue combined with a healthy dose of high-alpha American hops, all finished with our farm-grown whole cone Cascades.  A refreshing beer for a hot day.  5.3% ABV

Passion Flower Saison — A very saison-y saison, featuring fantastic yeast from the local & amazing Jasper at Bright Labs Yeast, this also includes steeped passion flower from our garden, which has calming and sleep improving characteristics. 5.1% ABV
Sooner Pale Ale — Our very first pilot batch! Slight caramel backbone with a long knock-out soak of Powers Farm Cascade Hops, picked early last year before our main harvest. 6.1% ABV

OId World Black IPA — A dark, very slightly-roasty and chocolatey IPA featuring earthy hops, including a healthy dose of Tettnang. 5.9% ABV

Lemon Balm Wit — Another great yeast from Jasper at Bright Labs, this balanced and spicy Belgian beer was steeped during the boil with our farm-grown lemon Balm, which helps accent the classic yeast character in a very drinkable beer. 5.3% ABV

Belgian Blonde – A strong Belgian yeast flavor in this golden ale is paired with chamomile and ginger leaves added to the boil.  American hops add some citrusy notes to this classic style.  6.6% ABV

Spelt Bier De Garde — Mashed almost entirely with Ohio-grown barley & spelt, malted by fellow NE Ohio native Haus Malts. Spelt malt is an unusual addition, and we used a ton of it to bring out a very complex flavor in this higher ABV beer, highlighted by another great Bright Labs Yeast for that strong French character, seasoned with old world hops. 7.5% ABV

Trifolium Red IPA — A red ale brewed with a big bucket of farm-grown red clover flower, adding some floral notes to the malt bill, dry hopped with Centennial and Amarillo hops for a citrusy/gradefuit aroma 6.3% ABV

Happy Creek Coffee Pale Ale — A surprisingly pale ale with two different cold-brewed additions of locally roasted beans from Happy Creek (The Plains, VA). The roasts are fun & complex, adding tropical fruit, chocolate & strawberry aromas, a smooth coffee flavor, complemented by secondary additions of cascade & citra hops.  6.4% ABV

The Achilles Yarrow Porter — This historical recipe features our farm-grown yarrow, which adding a slight licorice undertone to an oat porter, adding a roasty finish.  The Latin of yarrow Achillea millefolium, or “the thousand leaved plant of Achilles,” a nod to the herb’s famous healing & medicinal qualities (Achilles was said to bring it with him to battle).  It’s also called “meadow hops” in Scandinavia, because of its very common use in beer for hundreds of years, picked from the field instead of the hop-laden woods.  Earthy.  5.6% ABV

“Tonic” Belgian Wit – Our floral Belgian wit yeast, brewed with farm grown nettles and lemon balm, with a small amount of orange zest to round out the nice spring tonic flavor. A grain bill high in flaked wheat give this drinkable beer that signature wit mouthfeel. 4.9% ABV.

“Spring Ahead” IPA – Brewed with a healthy dose of Mosaic hops during the boil and post-fermentation, gives this IPA complex tropical fruit and citrus notes. Just in time for the mixed weather of spring, this brew has both a clean malt bill and a refreshing citrus finish. 50 IBUs. 6.7% ABV.

“Birch” Brown Ale – Made with fresh black birch tree trimmings from grandma’s farm on the Huntington Creek, a Chesapeake Bay tributary.  Birch was added three separate times – birch twigs in the mash, birch sticks in the boil, and a birch tea post-fermentation.  Spicy on the nose and up front, adding a slight sweetness to the heavily roasty malt bill.   5.4% ABV

“Hibiscus” Blonde Ale – A crisp clean blonde ale with hibiscus flowers added to the boil and after fermentation.  Local hibiscus flowers from Sharkawi Farm in New Baltimore.  A nice, drinkable spring ale with a beautiful pink color plus a floral background and nice tart finish from the flowers.  5.8% ABV