The brewery is opening June 4th!


Hi All!  After a very long year-plus of telling you “soon,” we’re very excited to announce that the farm brewery will finally be open and pouring beers starting Sunday, June 4th, from Noon until 7pm!

We will be open Thursday-Sunday every week after that, with hours as follows:
Thursday 3pm-8pm
Friday 3pm-8pm
Saturday Noon-8pm
Sunday Noon-7pm

Not only that, we also finally opened the sign up list for our Field Beer CSA.  It coincides with our Produce CSA and works like this: come by once a week (Thursday, 3-7pm) and pick up your freshly brewed farm beer in either a 64oz or 32oz growler.  By subscribing you help us start the agricultural process that begins most of our beers — the planting of hops, herbs, fruit trees and so much more — and also get a discount on the growler price.  It also guarantees you a take-home amount of beer that might not be available to walk ins because of our limited batch sizes.

We’ve been working hard (and, sometimes, way too late!) to keep the fermentors full, thanks in large part to the awesome support we received from you all via the gofundme, and will be ready to offer a nice set of field beers that highlight the farm, including:

Passion Flower Saison — A very saison-y saison, featuring fantastic yeast from the local & amazing Jasper at Bright Labs Yeast, this also includes steeped passion flower from our garden, which has calming and sleep improving characteristics. 5.1% ABV.

Lemongrass Pils — a soft pils malt bill with steeped lemongrass at the end of the boil, which brings out a nice lemony aroma and strong floral taste that works well with that typical faint sulfur yeast character present in pilsners. 5.0% ABV.

Black IPA — A dark, very slightly-roasty IPA featuring earthy hops, including a healthy dose of Tettnang. 5.9% ABV.

Sooner Pale Ale — Our very first pilot batch!  Slight caramel backbone with a long knock-out soak of Powers Farm Cascade Hops, picked early last year before our main harvest.

Lemon Balm Wit — Another great yeast from Jasper at Bright Labs, this balanced and spicy Belgian beer was steeped during the boil with our farm-grown lemon Balm, which helps accent the classic yeast character in a very drinkable beer. 5.3% ABV.

Spelt Bier De Garde — A very fun batch, mashed almost entirely with Ohio-grown barley & spelt, malted by fellow NE Ohio native Haus Malts.  Spelt malt is an unusual addition, and we used a ton of it to bring out a very complex flavor in this higher ABV beer, highlighted by another great Bright Labs Yeast for that strong French character, seasoned with old world hops.  7.5% ABV.

…and of course we’re still brewing.  Our approach is rooted in the field, so the lineup will constantly be changing depending on the week’s harvest, and the beer will always stay fresh, allowing us to focus on complex but delicate flavors and yeast character.  Stay tuned!

We’ll be opening with pints & flights, and offering growler fills as well.  Come say hi on our soft opening June 4th!