What We Grow

Our two-and-one-half acre field is the center of everything we do, and from the beginning we’ve focused on a small-scale, diverse operation that interacts in a way that makes the soil and products both high quality and unique.

For 8 years (2014-2021) our farm included two acres of fruits, vegetables and herbs that fed our CSA members and provide a wide range of brewing ingredients for our on-site brewhouse. The field includes both annuals as well as a growing collection of native perennials that are inter-cropped to help provide stability and diversity to our field. We grow over 30 different types of heirloom and native varieties of produce, a long list of flowers, and each year increase the size of our orchard, which is made up of 50+ saplings.

We also grow roughly 1,000 hop plants in seven, 200-foot rows using organic practices. Our original farm included over 15 varieties of hops, of which we selected down to five for our current location: Cascade, Chinook, Zeus, Galena and Nugget. The current stock of hops were selected from our best performing plants at our original farm. The hops are 100% used in our on-site brewhouse.

2022 will bring some changes to our vision. We are taking a break from the CSA this year to let the land rest (and the laborers). We will continue to grow fruits, veggies, flowers to contribute to our farm to table brews. In addition, I the farmer (Melody) want to take this year and get creative. I want to continue to experiment with new brews and new plants and to learn as much as I can about the future of farming and native plants/habitats. We will sell extra produce, herbs, plants etc. in our taproom.

Our farm will continue to be home to over 70 laying hens that use an old tow-behind trailer and a scrap pvc pipe coop as their home base, eating bugs, fresh growth and some brewer’s grain. While the chickens do produce eggs, the main focus of having them on the farm is pest suppression and soil fertility. We move the trailer around the farm weekly to distribute their fertilizer.

Our farm sits on 21 total acres, with a little more than half of it new-growth woodland, mostly eastern red cedar. The native cedar is rot resistant and we harvest fallen trees for a wide range of infrastructure including all of our hops posts, light posts, future sheep-fencing, and even the parking divider and road signs. Additionally, our brewery is built in the “pole barn” style, with 100% of the supporting posts being cedar cut on-site.

We farm using mostly hand tools and, well, bare hands. We don’t have a tractor — update we got a tractor in 2021!!! — but still use our two-wheel BCS for some light tilling and bed-making, as well as other ongoing experiments around cover cropping and weed cultivation. We make good use of both classic and clever tools developed by other like-minded farmers including the broad fork, wheel hoe and finger weeding tools. All of our produce is harvested fresh for either human or brewhouse consumption, with cleaning and processing required happening on our farm.

We promise to update this yearly (Mel – ’22) with our farming and beer projects. Kevin and I love to learn and want to continue our journey with you all and are hoping/so ready for a grand and exciting 2022 !