Our Farming Philosophy

We grow all of our produce, fruit, herbs and other fun plants with a focus on soil health, product nutrients, and environmental diversity. In practice this means a couple of basic things: we never spray chemicals to kill bugs or weeds, we never use inorganic fertilizers, and we plant as wide a range of crops and varietals as we can.

Soil is cared for by keeping it living. With that in mind we focus on minimal tillage, adding organic composts from our chickens and nearby farmers, and keeping things growing in it, either as part of our production or via cover crops. We also hope to continue to integrate animals into our operation, which keeps diversity up and improves fertility. UPDATE: We are up to 70 is chickens as of Winter 2022!

We believe working within the boundaries of our climate will result in the most nutrient-dense food, and for that reason we plant from as much native stock as possible. Much of this is heirloom — another way of saying varietals that have been selected to be flavorful and bountiful in our specific part of the Piedmont.

We work hard to make sure our farm can produce for us in the long term, and keep us healthy and energized both because we’re in it all the time, and also eating from it on a daily basis.